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Make Way for Me! provides assessment, treatment, consultation, and education for:

Gross Motor and Coordination

crawling, walking, running, jumping, balance, body awareness,
throwing and catching, kicking a ball

Fine Motor

printing, grasping, hand-eye coordination, typing, using scissors, shoe tying

Visual Motor and Perception

using the eyes to direct hand movement (copying from the board,
catching a ball), understanding what the eyes are seeing (discrimination of size and shape, visual memory)

Sensory Processing

regulation, filtering, and understanding of sensations (movement, touch, auditory, oral, visual, smell)

Academic and Workplace

strategies to prepare for the management of workplace/school environment, executive functioning skills, attention/focus

Social Awareness

understanding and use of body language and facial expressions, navigating peer relationships, understanding and recognition of others’ perspectives, overcoming conflict, active listening

Emotional Regulation

identifying emotions, development of tools to support self-regulation,
managing emotions, coping with challenging situations


hygiene, feeding/eating, grooming, dressing, bathing

Autism Services

sensory needs, regulation, engagement and active participation for school and home

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