We provide assessment, treatment, consultation, and education of:

  • gross motor skills and coordination development – running, hopping, climbing, balance, body awareness
  • fine motor skills – mechanical ability for written work, handling classroom tools (pencils, scissors, rulers)
  • visual motor skills – using the eyes to direct hand movement (copying from the board, catching a ball)
  • visual perception skills – understanding what the eyes are seeing (discrimination of size and shape, visual memory)
  • sensory processing skills – filtering and understanding sensations of movement, touch, balance, vision, and hearing
  • school skills – following directions, problem solving, awareness, attention, focus
  • social skills

Occupational therapy services of this type may be appropriate for children with or without diagnosed learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and developmental delays.

We use a variety of treatment approaches, one of which is based on the theory of sensory processing and integration. This is the ability of the brain and body to take incoming sensory information and create an efficient motor output. Your therapist will develop appropriate home programming and family education in addition to direct treatment for your child.

Home and school visits can be arranged.

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For Parents and Schools

Parents and guardians, other family members, and school staff are an integral part of the therapy process. Make Way for Me! provides comprehensive assessments, individualized intervention programs, and professional services designed and implemented by highly trained staff who are known for their expertise, education, and compassion for children. Although most services we provide are best done in out specialized clinical setting, traveling to visit a child in the home, day care, or school setting allows the therapist more opportunities for strategy and treatment planning.

In the school setting, therapists can provide training and workshops for staff with regard to individuals or as a general educational program for school staff who work with children with special needs.

Visit the Resources page for available online resources.