We provide assessment, treatment, consultation, and education of:

  • gross motor skills and coordination development – running, hopping, climbing, balance, body awareness
  • fine motor skills – mechanical ability for written work, handling classroom tools (pencils, scissors, rulers)
  • visual motor skills – using the eyes to direct hand movement (copying from the board, catching a ball)
  • visual perception skills – understanding what the eyes are seeing (discrimination of size and shape, visual memory)
  • sensory processing skills – filtering and understanding sensations of movement, touch, balance, vision, and hearing
  • school/work skills – following directions, problem solving, awareness, attention, focus
  • social skills- verbal and non-verbal language, turn-taking, peer negotiation, active listening, understanding another’s point of view, manners
  • emotional regulation skills  ability to manage how we react and cope with situations (identifying emotions, manage emotions, demonstrating appropriate reactions, persisting with challenging situations) 
  • self-care skills- eating, bathing, grooming, dressing

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